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Shooting for the high end

If you have ever listened to my CD,  Incredible Salon Success,  or have attended one of my classes you would know that for several years I have encouraged salon professionals to shoot for the high end.  In other words,   charge a premium price and strive to attract the clients who are looking for great service,  pampering,  and cool factor.  I believe that the majority of salon clients fall into two camps,  Ladiesthose that want great service & pampering and those that are primarily concerned with price.  My advice has always been to avoid the middle ground,  because the middle is a black hole.  In the middle you're not cheap enough to attract the price conscious clients and you don't generate enough money to provide the level of service that experience conscious clients desire.  A new book from Michael J. SilversteinSilversteinTreasure Hunt,  confirms many of my thoughts.  Michael states that consumers will often trade up in certain catagories and happily pay a steep premium for goods and services that are emotionally satisfying,  (like beauty and wellness) while trading down in other catagories that are less important to them.  The good news is that the beauty industry is booming and is considered a $40 billion dollar a year industry.  So how does that help you?  I'll let you know in my next couple of posts.

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