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The easier way to success

  It is often difficult to take advice, especially when we are young, because we don’t want to be told what to do, but it is important to learn from the lessons and experiences of others so that we can avoid some of the challenges. I believe there are two ways that we learn the lessons we need in life. Either learning through repetition, repetition, repetition, or impact.  Let me explain. A couple of years ago we decided to take the students from one of our schools to the park for a barbecue. When we checked out the park we noticed they didn’t have any of those outdoor barbecues. I didn’t want to hassle with bringing my big gas barbecue from home so I asked Brooke, our Corporate Director, if she would run to Target and pick up a barbecue for us. Well she did, and when I got to the park I put charcoal in the barbecue, put on some lighter fluid, threw in a match and closed the lid. …….I guess you’re not supposed to close the lid, because when I came back about 10 minutes later and opened the lid, whooooosh! It was a fireball! It burned off my eyebrows and my eyelashes and the front of my hairline and my face was bright red.  Now that is impact learning! But the problem is, sometimes, impact learning hurts. I quickly learned the proper use of a charcoal barbecue, but it was a painful lesson. The road to success shouldn’t have to hurt so much.  Instead, I’d rather learn through the repetition of studying successful people and I’m sure you would too.  Keep learning and studying, because others have already made the mistakes, so you don’t have to.  

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