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The Taylor Andrews Blog

The Gift of Education

At Taylor Andrews, we know that education is a gift. We look at the world around us, and we realize that we have the opportunities that many other people don’t. A good education is hard to come by in parts of the world, so we want to remind students of all the open doors that there are for them. Your success depends entirely on what you put into your work!

Easy Access

For most students here, our four convenient locations in West Jordan, Orem, and St. George make accessing an education easy. We also offer several schedules for our programs. Nighttime classes, 3-day schedules, and daytime classes give students the chance to fit school into their busy schedules. Don’t miss out on doing what you love because you feel your schedule is too tight. Contact one of our admissions offices to learn more about our schedules.

The Power to Choose

At Taylor Andrews, we offer cosmetology and makeup artistry courses. The ability to choose your program and what works for you will empower you to take control of your future. As mentioned above, we also offer several locations and course schedules to choose from. The power to choose is in your hands. This opportunity is one that some might not have.

Be Who You Want to Be

There is no holding you back. Whatever you want to do, go for it! The amount of effort you put into your education and career will reflect your success. Here, we don’t want to limit you. Your creativity can be unleashed entirely. Create goals, make art, and be yourself at Taylor Andrews!

Financial Aid

Financial aid is available to those that qualify at Taylor Andrews. Federal loans, pell grants, and more types of aid are available to those that qualify. Scholarships are also an option, to find out more, fill out this form. Federal aid and scholarships are not things that everyone in the world has access to. We feel grateful that we do.

You Can Do It

Our staff is here to support you in as many ways as they can. We are lucky enough to be in a place that doesn’t box us up. At Taylor Andrews, we believe in out-of-the-box thinking, being unique, and being great at what we do. We feel honored to have students who reach for the stars, and we want to push them to great heights. Taylor Andrews students are driven, passionate, creative, outgoing, and all around amazing!

Do you want to pursue your educational and career goals? Contact Taylor Andrews to find out how to get started in your program of choice.