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The Gravity of Marketing

I got a call yesterday from a salon I've been consulting with.  The owner was very nervous because they were losing a couple of booth renters and they were afraid to lose that guaranteed income.  I happen to know that they have some excellent commission employees who could quickly pick up the slack.  The only problem is they don't have any marketing programs in place to take advantage of the changes.  We have spoken several times about referral programs,  client rewards and other incentives,  but they have never followed through with the ideas.  Marketing is a law,  just like gravity.  If you hold something in your hand and let it go,  it will fall to the ground.  Gravity doesn't care one bit whether you believe in it or not,  it still does its job.  Marketing is the same.  If you market your services you'll get a return on your investment.  If you don't,  you won't.  And if you're smart,  you'll market mainly to the existing clients who already love you.  Your main focus should be to get your current clients to come back more often and to refer friends just like them.

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