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The High End part 2

Girl One of the great things about the beauty industry is that it is nearly recession proof.  When times are tight clients will often cut back on large expenditures like new cars,  boats and big screen T.V's,  but they avoid cutting out their salon visits at all costs.  In 20 years of owning salons we rarely had slow times due to the economy.  The worst case was that clients would spread their appointments from 6-8 weeks to 8-10 weeks.  This was easily remedied by offering a pre-booking incentive or a V.I.P. incentive for clients who returned within a specified Pennies_1 time.  If you assist your clients in looking and feeling their best and provide a great Pic atmosphere where they connect with you and others in your salon,  they'll be loyal and keep coming back.  Most Americans can't afford the best house or car in the world,  but they can afford the best haircut.

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