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The Taylor Andrews Blog

The Lost Generation

When I first decided that I wanted to become involved in education another school owner warned me that I would hate it.  She said that the youth today just didn't care and that I would be frustrated by how difficult is was to motivate students.  That was 14 years ago.  Although there have been occasional bumps,  I have found that the majority of students have been fantastic.  I can't imagine anything I would rather be doing.  O.K.,  I'll admit it,  anyone who has seen me karaoke knows I would have loved to be a rock star,  but other than that,  I'm really doing what I love.  Working with students and inspiring them to reach for their dreams is awesome.  This video which was sent to me by my friend Jared at Hedgehog Solutions shows just how different things can look when you change your perspective.  Today's youth have a lot more going for them than we give them credit for.  Perhaps it's time to quit criticizing and start encouraging.

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