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The Taylor Andrews Blog

The New Generation

A recent newspaper article reported some interesting facts about the average student entering college this fall: Most were born in 1988 and here are some perceptions for this years entering freshman: The Soviet Union has never existed.Flag There has only been one Germany.  Starbucks is coffee.  Reality shows have always been on T.V. They know who Mr. Rogers is but not Walter Cronkite.  They've always been able to watch wars and revolutions live on T.V. They grew up with a mouse in one hand a computer screen in front of them.  So what does this mean for your business?  I think the most glaring point is this: They have grown up in an entertainment age.  There are movies on demand and high speed internet where nearly any information is right at your fingertips.  In today's world having a great product is not enough.  You have to make doing business with you an experience.  This generation wants it faster,  they want it better and they don't give many second chances. Kids They also want to be part of something.  They don't go to Starbucks just for the coffee.  They go to meet friends and be part of a community.  If you can build a community feeling around your business you've hit the jackpot.  There's an old African saying that we return to the old watering holes for more than water.  We return because friends and dreams are there to meet us.

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