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The Right Hairstyle for your Halloween Costume

Get ready to go all out for your Halloween costume this year. Whether you are going to a party, hanging out with friends, or just passing out Halloween candy at the house, dressing up for Halloween is one tradition you can’t miss out on.


Although the costume itself may be your focus, don’t forget about how you plan on styling your hair this season. This could make or break your costume. Instead take the time now to plan ahead to coordinate your hairstyle perfectly into your outfit.


The wig


Although some choose to invest in a wig for their Halloween project, this isn’t nearly as rewarding as styling your own hair. For starters, most wigs that are affordable are obviously not real, detracting from the costume. If you want a wig that looks real, this will cost you a hefty price.


Getting your hair styled by a professional, or a hair school student is not only less expensive than investing in a wig, but will look more authentic as well. If you don’t trust your own abilities, consider bringing in pictures and showing exactly what you want.


Know your style


Before we can style your hair into a spooky look, or into an elegant formal up do, you have to know exactly what you want for your costume. If you are going as a specific person, there is usually a defining hairstyle that is easy to choose from. For those going as a zombie, somebody from a specific era, or any other ambiguous figure, consider a few different options for your hairstyle.


If you do choose to get your hair styled through our school, be sure to bring in any hats, props, and the costume you wish to wear. What you have selected to wear on your head can completely change how your hair will be styled. Make sure to take this into consideration before styling your hair.


The options are endless this Halloween. It doesn’t matter if you have short hair or long hair, there is a style for your costume. For those who want to set their Halloween costume over the top this year, come in to Taylor Andrews and get your hair professionally styled. This will help with every costume imaginable. While you’re at it, consider getting your makeup done as well. This is sure to impress those at any party, and give those trick-or-treating kids a good scare on Halloween night.


By Cassie Costner