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Tips for the Perfect Eyebrows

Getting the right shape to your eyebrows can be a challenge. It is important to still keep the natural appearance while refining your eyebrows into the beauty you want. Remember these important tips. They will help you tweeze down to what you want while still keeping the natural shape you need.  

Find The Starting Point

  To start out, turn the tweezers upside down and use the wide base as a judging point. Place the tweezers vertically so the edge is resting against your nose. The rounded end should be touching the point where your brow should start. You can use an eye pencil here to mark the point. Make sure when you pluck not to go further than this mark as it will be taking your eyebrows too far away.After you have made the mark, check the mirror and ensure the lines you plan for your brows are even.  

Choose the End

  As important as the starting point is for your brows, the end point matters just as much. Put your tweezers against your cheek on an angle, again using the smaller end against your nose. The edge of the tweezers should reach the outer corner of your eye. Make a mark where the tweezers rest against the eyebrow, this should be the end point. Once again look in the mirror to make sure the marks you have made for both eyebrows are even.  


  Thicker brows are back in style. Once you pluck, there’s no going back so make sure you know how thick you want your eyebrows before starting. Use the eye pencil again, starting with the thickest part of your eyebrow and make a line for the desired thickness. Be careful here to follow the natural shape that is formed by the top of your eyebrow, which will have one of three shapes: curved, angled, or straight. Examine both lines you have created in the brows, ensuring they are the same thickness.  

Examine Your Work

  Remember, while it is possible to remove additional hair to make the brows thinner, if you determine your eyebrows have been cut down too far there’s no going back. Take it slow, examining the thickness of your eyebrows before moving forward. Make sure the arch looks right, and that both brows are even with each other. Shape the perfect eyebrows for your style. No matter your desired thickness, following these tips will help accurately shape your beautiful brows as you see fit.
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