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Top Celebrity Hairstyles for October

October is already half way over, and celebrities are taking the chance to change up their hair with the approaching fall weather. Take a look at some of these ideas top celebrities had, and how these compliment the changing season.


Vanessa Hudgens


Vanessa Hudgens has gained popularity from her High School Musical days, branching out into more of a singing career, and then back once again to acting. Her long locks have been a focal point for many, becoming a reference point for the young and old alike. This month, she has added color to her hair, bringing out a classic fall look. This is a perfect change to make this fall, and into winter, complimenting some of the best colors of the season.


Lena Dunham


This filmmaker and actress took her already shot hairstyle and spiced it up. Although her hair was situated in a bob pulled to the side, with a few micro bangs added to the mix she completely changed the look, and the way it was styled. The addition of bangs can just the right flavor to a mundane hairstyle that has been wearing you down.


These are just a couple of the celebrities that changed their hairstyle this month. We’ll see what November brings, and what drastic changes will be made for the Thanksgiving season. If you’re interested in any of these styles, come in to Taylor Andrews today. Our students and staff can help transform your hair into something you will love.


By +Cassie Costner


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