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Top Celebrity Hairstyles for September

September has just begun, but already celebrities have begun changing and updating their hairstyles. Take a look at the most drastic changes that celebrities have made, and how these new styles are setting trends in the hair industry. With a career from Taylor Andrews, you will be well on your way to setting the upcoming trends in the industry.

Alicia Keys

Alicia Keys has been important in the music industry since she started out in 1996. Since then she has set her own trends in music, as well as in fashion. In the past month she has made drastic changes to her already short hairstyle. Instead of having a longer look in the front, she trimmed up her bangs, bringing them in front of her forehead. These bangs completely change the look of her style, adding a unique look to her hair.

Miley Cyrus

Although Miley might be gaining more infamy than anything else, her new drastic hairstyles are something to mention. In a short amount of time she went from long curly locks to her own unique style with shaved sides and gelled on top. Since she began trimming and changing her hair, other celebrities have followed suit, relying on the best hairstylist to completely alter their look, giving them a fresh new start.

Hayden Panettiere

Sometimes the simple changes can make the biggest difference. For Hayden Panettiere, a simple trim of the bangs completely changed her look for fall with a few extra highlights. As the seasons change, many celebrities alter their look, gearing up for the change. These changes can compliment fall styles, and give a refreshing take on everybody who tries it.

This month as we shift into fall be prepared to see other changes in celebrity hairstyles. If you wish to be involved in setting these types of trends, visit the best hair school in Utah to find out more. Here at Taylor Andrews, we can set you on your way for a successful career as a top hairstylist.

By Cassie Costner

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