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Top Jobs for 2009

The economy may be difficult right now but choosing to become a Hairdresser looks to be a very good choice.  This is what a recent report from USNEWS had to say:

Best Careers 2009 : (11th) Hairstylist/Cosmetologist

Overview. In a recent British job satisfaction survey, hairstylist ranked No. 1. It's not surprising: It's one of the few careers in which you please nearly every client. (Save for the occasional one who cries, "What have you done to my hair!") And people tend to be loyal to their haircutter, so if you're pleasant, you can develop plenty of long-term friends or at least acquaintances. After all, there's a lot of time to chat while shampooing, cutting, and torturing hair so it curls or straightens.

Other pluses: This career is a fashionista's dream: It's one of the rare fields with good job opportunities in which you're rewarded for staying current on fashion and design. 
And your job won't be offshored it may make sense to do robotic surgery from India but not a shampoo and cut.

Most men now get their hair cut by a stylist rather than a barber, and more and more men seek out related services such as facials and manicures. So, not surprisingly, the number of male hairstylists and cosmetologists is growing.

To succeed, whatever your sex, you must be a great listener so you can unearth what the client really wants. You also need a good fashion and design sense so you can offer appropriate suggestions. Perhaps most important, you must be able to translate a great hair concept into a great haircut. In short, you must be a hair artist. In addition, you must be engaging enough that your clients remain loyal and willing to buy the hair and skin potions that represent an ever-larger proportion of a hair salon's profits. With those skills, instead of having to work for low-pay chains, you can likely get hired by a an independent mid-to-high-end salon, day spa, resort, or possibly even a film or TV studio, all of which tend to pay better than the average clip joint. Or, you can open your own.

No matter how things seem right now,  it is obvious the future is bright for stylists!

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