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Trending Twitter Hair Topics

Twitter is the fastest way to learn the trending hairstyles of the time. Through this social media site, people from around the world can express their opinion on other’s hairstyles, from the good, to the bad. Some of the trending twitter hair topics shape how readers shape their own styles.


The role of hashtags in social media continues to grow in importance. They are a way to connect like pictures or phrases, on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Some of the most popular hairstyle hashtags on Twitter include:

• Hair
• Hairstyle
• Instahair
• Hairdo
• Style
• Hairfashion
• Braidideas

These topics are trending on social media right now, bringing the best hairstyle photos to the top of newsfeeds. To find the most popular styles of the time, use these hashtags to narrow down your search.


In recent hairstyle related news on Twitter, Beyonce’s pictures have gained fame over the past few weeks, showing a completely new style from her normally long do.

Although she debuted the picture on Instagram, the comments and reception quickly spread to Twitter. For a time, it was one of the most popular topics on the social media website. There was both criticism, and admiration for the daring change. Celebrities such as this are some of the greatest catalysts for changes in hairstyles on social media sites.

The styles

Based on the most popular hashtags, beach curls are one of the most popular hair topic trends on Twitter right now. Many people searching ideas for their own hairstyle will use hashtags including this topic.

Throughout Twitter, hairstyles come and go. What is popular today won’t necessarily be in style a couple months from now. Watch the newsfeeds for what will be trending in recent news. For the most up to date information on hairstyles and cuts, visit the Academy of Hair Design. Learn from the best in cosmetology.

By Cassie Costner