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Utah Instagram Beauty Superstars

Just like you, we turn to Instagram to see what’s happening in the beauty industry today. Instagram is the perfect way for cosmetologists, hair stylists, hair colorists, and other beauty experts to show off their skills and get new clients on a daily basis. For all you IG lovers out there, here is the ultimate list of Instagram Beauty Superstars in Utah.

Stephanie Brinkerhoff: @hairandmakeupbysteph

Today, Steph is a professional wedding hair and makeup artist. She often travels for destination weddings, and she loves her job! Before all that began, she was a Taylor Andrews student. Stephanie landed her job in 2007 as a wedding professional right before she graduated with us. Follow Stephanie to plan your dream bridal style, and check out her blog to read more about her and her work.

Christina Kreitel: @christinakreitel

Christina is a hairstylist with a sense of adventure. Her work often involves bold colors and unique cuts. She even makes big choices with her own hair. Right now, she is rocking a platinum blonde. Christina is currently taking on new clients for her hairstyling, and she is also serving as our Creative Director!

Chandi Green: @chandikatebeauty

Chandi is a current student here at Taylor Andrews who is high in demand! Chandi loves making every platinum dream come true! She is willing to help anyone achieve that golden look. Even you, brunettes! You can book with her now.

Ashlyn Buchi: @ashlynbuchihair

Ashlyn is a stylist at Ulysses Salon in SLC. If you love a beautiful blonde, a perfect rose gold, or a silver tint, you’re going to love Ashlyn’s IG. You can view her work, pick your next cut and color, and schedule an appointment with her all on her profile!

Mykle Troye: @mykletroye

Mykle is currently a Taylor Andrews stylist. His work is utterly unique and completely undefined. His styles and cuts are very much works of art. Reach out to him on IG to book an appointment for a truly bold new style.

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Cara Van Brocklin: @caralore

Cara not only has perfect hair, but she is basically perfect everything. This Utah momma is everything we want to be. Her IG is full of hair and makeup with a few lifestyle posts here and there. You won’t regret following her.

Becky Phachomphon: @beckped

A current hair stylist and colorist and Dallas Roberts Salon, Becky was once a Taylor Andrews student. She’s popular on Instagram for her colorful locks. You can view her past work or book an appointment on her profile.

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Sadie Shill: @sadieshill_makeup

Sadie is currently a student at our Orem location. And even though she’s fairly new to the makeup scene, she’s already built a large Instagram following! She does everything from everyday makeup to intricate face paints. Each look is a real piece of art.
Who is your favorite person to follow on Instagram? Are we missing any beauty gurus? Let us know on our Facebook!