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Get Ready for Success: Transitioning from High School to Cosmetology School

Aug 11th 2017
  First of all, congratulations! Graduating from high school is a huge accomplishment. Now it is officially time for you to take on the world. While many of your fellow graduates are aiming to attend an undergraduate university or going straight to a full-time job after high school, your plan and dream is to dedicate […]
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The History of Hair Painting

Mar 21st 2017
We’ve all done it, and we’ve all regretted it: the unseemingly terrifying night with the girls when you all decided to box dye your hair a “golden blonde” that turned out hideously orange. That’s OK. Not everyone is a professional, and that’s why being a cosmetologist is a job. During your hair dyeing endeavours, you […]
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What Can You Learn in Beauty School in UT?

Mar 20th 2017
Taylor Andrews is a proud provider of beauty school educations. We have been giving students access to beauty programs for over 10 years. Our heritage is something we pride ourselves in, and we believe in educating students to the best of our abilities. Our owners have been in the industry for quite some time, and […]
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5 Date Night Looks for Valentine’s Day

Jan 31st 2017
Valentine’s Day is one of many holidays that celebrates love. Specifically, the love that you share between close family members, friends, and significant others. This is the most popular day for couples to venture out to dinner, dancing, movies, or a variety of other fun places to spend time together. Feeling fancy this Valentine’s? Check […]
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How to Become a Makeup Artist in Utah

Jan 5th 2017
Are you interested in a creative, flexible, in-demand career? Makeup artistry could be perfect for you! Here’s one way you can become a makeup artist in Utah! Learn Makeup Artistry If you want to delve into the details of the craft, you should attend a makeup artistry course. Practice is the best way to understand […]
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The Gift of Education

Dec 20th 2016
At Taylor Andrews, we know that education is a gift. We look at the world around us, and we realize that we have the opportunities that many other people don’t. A good education is hard to come by in parts of the world, so we want to remind students of all the open doors that […]
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Find the Perfect Winter Hair Color! Quiz!

Dec 15th 2016
Struggling to find the perfect color for this winter? Have no fear! We’ve got the quiz for you.   Want to achieve these hair results? Check out our student salon* to see what one of our talented students can do for you! *All salon services are performed by students supervised by licensed instructors.
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London Bound: An Interview with Dallan Flint, Artistic Director

Nov 8th 2016
Dallan Flint, the Artistic Director here at Taylor Andrews had a once in a lifetime chance to travel to London with 16 students and a handful of staff members. Dallan entered a competition for the Visionary Award, a fundraiser hair show that benefits Leukemia research. The competitors came from all over the world from Ireland […]
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Can You Guess This Famous Beauty Icon From Utah?

Nov 7th 2016
If you think you know your Utah style trivia, you need to test your skills.
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The Manliest Places to Go in SLC

Oct 25th 2016
Sometimes guys just need to go do something manly. Sure, you can take your date to these places, and they might love it, but these local stops have to be on your bucket list no matter what. If you need some ideas for guys night, a bachelor party, or some “me” time, these are the […]