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How To Master Customer Service Skills for Your Cosmetology Career

May 1st 2019
You want to go into cosmetology because you have an eye for fashion and style and you enjoy helping people look their best. Besides knowing the up and coming fashion trends and how to properly maneuver tools and equipment, you’ll also need excellent communication skills and a friendly, outgoing personality. Whether you want to go […]
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Trend Watch: What is Hair Contouring?

Apr 17th 2019
You may have noticed more people walking around with a summer, beach-like look with darker roots and lighter tips. You’ve also probably seen hair colored in a way that looks natural, but has coloring that highlights the face and eyes. How do people pull off this natural looking, feature-focusing hair color? You may have heard […]
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Proper Salon Etiquette

Mar 5th 2019
The hair salon is where men and women go to get that perfect hairstyle they want to achieve the best look possible. Besides making the much-needed appointment with a stylist to maintain his or her great look, the salon can easily be the place where one can relax and distress from the chaos and demands […]
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Top Predicted 2019 Hair Trends

Feb 5th 2019
You’ve gotten through the first month of 2019, your resolutions are either well underway or have fallen to the wayside like some us, but it’s still the perfect time to continue a fresh start with a new look for the new year. A cute, fun hair style is just what you need to shake off […]
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4 Tips for Avoiding Split Ends

Jan 6th 2019
You love your long hair but it can definitely require a lot of upkeep. You spend a lot of time washing, straightening and styling your hair and using the right shampoos, conditioners, and products but no matter how much effort or expensive products you use, you still end up with split ends that can cause […]
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Managing the Physical Demands of Being a Cosmetologist

Dec 12th 2018
When preparing for your career as a cosmetologist, most people focus on the skills and experience they need to succeed. However, cosmetology does not just require technical skills — life as a hairstylist means you will also be managing a salon’s physical demands. You will be bending, reaching, holding your arms above your waist, and […]
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How to Take Care of Your Haircutting Shears

Nov 27th 2018
Haircutting shears, also called haircutting scissors are the lifeblood of any cosmetologist. Without shears, a haircutting professional would not be able to do his or her job. To those who aren’t in the haircutting or barbering professions, shears may appear to only be a pair of odd looking scissors. Shears, however, are big investments as […]
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Building Your Brand After Beauty School

Nov 5th 2018
Take the steps to market yourself in the real world, helping to build your own success.
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It’s Time to Change Beauty School Dropout to Beauty School Graduate

Nov 2nd 2018
Originally posted Jan. 6th 2014. Updated with new information. There’s a popular song from the musical, Grease, simply called “Beauty School Dropout.” In it, one of the character’s works to convince the other that it’s time to go back to high school and focus on a more “mundane” or “usual” career. The singer was sure this […]
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10 Tips for Choosing the Right Beauty School

Sep 26th 2018
Originally posted Jun 21st 2011. Updated with new information. A career in the beauty industry is an opportunity to have an impact on someone’s life every day. In Nicholas French’s words: “With a pair of scissors and comb and a brush, you can make people happy, you can make people cry, you can make people miserable, […]