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Utah Scholarships for Cosmetology, Barbering, Master Esthetician, and Make up Artistry

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Scholarship Essay. Please Answer the following questions: 1. Why have you chosen this career? 2. Where do you see your passion taking you? 3. How will you give back? 4. Why should you be awarded a scholarship?

We are proud to offer scholarships to qualifying students for our Cosmetology, Barbering, Esthetician, and Make up Artistry courses. 
Scholarship Details:
1. Up to 100 total scholarships per year may be awarded to applicants. Applicants who wish to apply MUST do so prior to starting school. Note: No scholarships are offered for Eye lash extensions or Microblading courses.

If awarded the following scholarships are available:
• Cosmetology up to $1,000
• Barber/Hair Design up to $1,000
• Master Esthetics up to $2,000
• Makeup Artistry up to $400

2. Transfer students are eligible for scholarship opportunities. If they are awarded a scholarship, a “percentage” of their tuition owed will be calculated as their scholarship amount instead of the full amount.  
3. Scholarship funds will be applied to tuition only, not student kits or application fees.
4. After applicants have turned in the required information, Taylor Andrews Management Team will select the scholarship winners.  Winners will be selected based upon the required information submitted and merit.  All decisions will be final.
5. Scholarships will be awarded to the student in the form of a credit against their balance owed.  Disbursements will take place during the required SAP reporting periods.  If the student has not maintained an 80% in academics and attendance during the SAP period, they will be on probation and will not be eligible for the current disbursement.  If they are able to bring their percentage back up at the next SAP period, they will then be eligible for the next disbursement.
6. Taylor Andrews Academy Scholarships are contingent upon completion.  If a student does not complete the program, they will forfeit any scholarship monies they have received.  
7.  Scholarship applications are due prior to the class start date. If no eligible applicants are submitted scholarships may not be awarded.