Testimonials from National Guests


Winner of the 2017 NAHA Lifetime Achievement Award.

Founding Partner of Sam Villa and Redken Global Artistic Ambassador. Sam is known for doing things differently to challenge, inspire and motivate change.

“When I walk into Taylor Andrews it’s pretty amazing what I see. If anyone out there is thinking about the beauty industry, think about Taylor Andrews as your school of choice. If I was doing it all over again Taylor Andrews Would be my school of choice”


NAHA Lifetime Achievement Honoree

Vivienne is the winner of the NAHA Lifetime achievement award and one of the most highly respected international leaders and innovators in the hairdressing profession today.

“I know what students say when they walk in, Wow! From the first moment that students come to Taylor Andrews, they have a salon experience. Their teaching team is great and their leader, Larry Curtis is a visionary man and so smart to equip these wonderful young stylists with business savvy skills as well as the creative, so this is a very special school”


International barber and platform educator

She is one of the most well known female barbers in the world. Her passion has led her to where she is now; an international barber and platform educator as well as barber shop owner of Vatican Barbershop in California.

“Everybody at Taylor Andrews cares. It’s really cool to see such a tight knit group of people that have so much passion for the industry! I would definitely recommend Taylor Andrews to anyone looking for a beauty school.”


4 time NAHA Avant Garde Hairdresser of the Year

Nicholas’ Awards and Achievements include being a four time North American Hairstylist of the Year Award for Avant Garde. He has been a finalist nine times, and was voted one of the most influential hairdressers of the past 100 years by Modern Salon Magazine.

“I wish I had met Larry and the Taylor Andrews team years ago when I opened my salons in London. With their skills, knowledge, and teaching abilities, I would have found success much quicker.”


Global Hairdresser of the Year

One of the most published editorial stylists in the world, Phillip Wilson’s clientele includes movie stars, royalty and the elite of the fashion world. In fact, Phillip was voted one of the most influential Hairdressers of the past 100 years by Modern Salon Magazine.

“The reputation nation-wide for Taylor Andrews is that they produce the finest stylists in the marketplace. Taylor Andrews is the Ritz Carlton of schools. The Harvard of Hair. And their students, I’d hire any one of them.”


NAHA Winner

Lauren’s enthusiasm and incomparable abilities are responsible for her successful rise as one of the most dedicated salon owners and freelance educators in the country. As an educator, salon owner, NAHA Finalist in Texture in 2013, and NAHA winner in Texture in 2015.

“As an education who travels the country it’s refreshing to come into a culture that you can see and feel. Taylor Andrews does a great job at providing an education that will truly prepare stylists for a successful future in the industry”.


Rodrick is a Beauty Industry leader, educator, inspirational speaker, Milady educator of the Year Nominee, and 2016 AIPP nominee, Rodrick Samuels is Staying Sharp and teaching you the skills to stay sharp too.

“You will not find a better establishment in the state of Utah if not the country that’s going to provide you a first rate education. You’re going to get education here from the Top Stylists and Barbers around the whole country. I can honestly say that at Taylor Andrews you’re going to get not only the technical and hands on training but the business skills needed to succeed in the industry. “


Wella Professionals Top Artist

Aubrey has built a very loyal clientele, and works and teaches around the world, like London, Japan and Korea. Aubrey also works LA, New York, and Paris Fashion Weeks. Aubrey Loves the world of Fashion. Whether it is a Photo shoot, Runway show, Makeover show, or a Red Carpet Celebrity event. Aubrey is very passionate about Educating and Inspiring Hairstylists around the world.

“Nothing makes me Happier than Sharing my knowledge with others. Taylor Andrews is one of my very favorite schools. These are the Beautiful faces of the future of our Hair Industry. I taught Over 200 students in two days who Inspired me as much as they feel I Inspired them.”


NAHA Hall of Leaders Inductee

Geno Stampora was named to the North American Hairstyling Hall of Leaders. He is one of the worlds most sought after motivational speakers on business and success for hairstylists.

“The things that Taylor Andrews does to provide a culture, a clean First Class environment, and I don’t know another Academy in the world that will have the class of celebrity artists that you’ll expose your students to. You can see the companies commitment to their students, not to mention how many of your students have been up for awards. It’s remarkable what can happen when we have that commitment to the students.”

KL Christoffersen AKA @mermicornhair

Owner of Cheeky Strut salon and creator of #FluidHairPainting.

Owner of Cheeky Strut salon and creator of #FluidHairPainting. An industry-leader, KL is an advocate creating your own path. She has spoken at conferences across the world on social media strategy and entrepreneurship and has been featured on international networks, including The Fab Life, In Style, and Marie Clair.

“I had the BEST time teaching @taylorandrewsacademy with @beautygivesback_official @edensassoon & @thehairnerds <3 Never stop being curious. I can’t wait to see what all of you bring to this amazing industry! Thank you so much for letting me share my story and what brings me joy!”