Top Predicted 2019 Hair Trends

You’ve gotten through the first month of 2019, your resolutions are either well underway or have fallen to the wayside like some us, but it’s still the perfect time to continue a fresh start with a new look for the new year. A cute, fun hair style is just what you need to shake off those winter blues and compliment the new and improved you. There are many types of hair trends and styles out there. Maybe you have a cute bob or a modern, sexy pixie cut. Will these 2018 trends continue in 2019? What will be the new style for your locks in 2019?

If you’re wondering whether or not to modify your current hair style or to transform it completely, here are the predicted top hair trends for 2019:


  • Curtain Bangs


If you’re looking for a less drastic way to freshen up your look, curtain bangs are what you’re looking for. These longer bangs are parted in the middle so your forehead and eyes show beneath. This is an easy look to pull off if you’re looking for a low-maintenance hair style and she has long, straight hair.


  • The Soft Bob


The bob hair style hair trend will carry-over into 2019, but with a different look and feel. A rounded top and loose, undefined bottom edges of the 2019 bob will give a warmer, youthful, laid-back feel.


  • Fringes


Going back to bangs, fringes are expected to make a comeback in 2019. This was one of the top hair styles of the 90’s due to its versatility and no-nonsense nature. This hair style trend is ideal for women (and men) who have straight or wavy hair. There are numerous kinds of fringe-cut bangs out there so it is important to get suggestions and recommendations from your hairstylist concerning what fringe cut would be best for  your face.


  • The Shaggy Cut


The glamified “bed head” look of the 70’s is expected to take 2019 by storm. The shag cut is low maintenance and convenient for medium to long haired gals who also have a busy schedule. This shaggy cut is very versatile allowing you to brush and leave hair “as is” for a casual, yet sophisticated look or use a curling iron and additional product to exaggerate the natural curls and waves for a more formal evening.


  • Face-Framing Layers


Long and mid-length “middies” that feature longer layers that frame the face and are longer in the back and shorter in the front will be a popular cut for 2019. While this style will require more attention and upkeep, it is a simple, classy look that also embraces your natural hair and gives the hair added volume.


  • Wet Hair


Believe it or not, the rush out the door without drying your hair look is expected to be a hit in 2019. To achieve the wet look, look for high-quality leave-in hair moisturizing products. You can also use small, one-inch curlers to exaggerate natural curls and add volume and texture.


  • Unique Hair Colors


If you have light brown or blonde hair, it is becoming increasingly popular to color your hair either gray (yep, the mature look is in), lavender or “toasted marshmallow” where the roots are dark and the ends are either colored white or a light cream color. These hair colors are favorites as they are bold and let you stand out, but not in an overly obnoxious way.


  • Half Top-Knot


High and tight top-knots, a.k.a buns were popular in 2018. It didn’t matter if they were tight and perfectly held in place or if they were the quick, messy, bed head variety. In 2019 these top-knots will remain popular though the 2019 version will have a little twist: the half top-knot. Instead of putting all the hair together in a bun, simply put half the hair in a high top-knot and let the other half hang down freely in the back. The style is quick and easy, can be dressed up or down and is a nice way to get the hair out of your face.


  • Midi-Length Hair


The mid-length style of hair that goes to the shoulders will be popular in 2019 even with bobs, lobs and pixie cuts.


  • Golden Blonde and Caramel Brunette Coloring


For those that aren’t quite brave or adventurous enough to go for a lavender, lilac, gray or marshmallow coloring, the embracing and enhancing of your natural blonde or brunette coloring will be a popular in 2019. A sun-kissed golden blonde and a soft, warm caramel brunette brown will especially be in style.

If you want to shake up or enhance your hair style for 2019, try one or a combination of the abovementioned hair trends that are expected to take off this year. While the new year has already started, it isn’t too late to get that transformed or enhanced hair style you want for the year and these 2019 hair trends will be something to keep your eye on.

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