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Trend Watch: What is Hair Contouring?

Apr 17th 2019
You may have noticed more people walking around with a summer, beach-like look with darker roots and lighter tips. You’ve also probably seen hair colored in a way that looks natural, but has coloring that highlights the face and eyes. How do people pull off this natural looking, feature-focusing hair color? You may have heard […]
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How To: Halloween Hair and Makeup Looks

Oct 11th 2016
Some Halloween costumes are just not complete without the hair and makeup. If you didn’t complete your Wednesday Addams costume with pigtail braids, would it be as cool? These are a few last-minute, hair and makeup Halloween looks! Harley Quinn This popular villain costume is just not complete without smudgy pink and blue makeup and […]
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If You’re With Me So Far, Say “Yes” | Taylor Andrews Platform artist Sam Villa

Mar 15th 2016
“YES” echoed back to the platform in the front of the the classroom at the West Jordan Taylor Andrews Campus after visiting artist and world-renowned stylist Sam Villa checked in with the audience. On January 28th, 2016, Sam Villa and a few members of his team visited Taylor Andrews to demo the new Sam Villa […]
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What’s Your Wedding Hairstyle?

Jun 3rd 2015
Weddings are big business. Tons of planning and preparation for one incredible day that you share with all of your family and friends, and it can be stressful. The food, the venue, seating arrangements, RSVPs, and the Bride; it seems like the list of things to consider is never ending. Taylor Andrews is here to […]
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Hair Conditioning Tips

Feb 16th 2015
Follow these four easy hair conditioning tips to more effectively take care of your hair, keeping it healthy and beautiful for you.
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How to Waterfall Twist

Feb 11th 2015
This month Katie Frisby, one of our Taylor Andrews students has given us a step by step tutorial for a waterfall braid.
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Choosing the Right Curling Iron

Jan 29th 2015
Each curling iron has advantages for styling your hair. Take a look at each of these to find the right tool for you.
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Day to Night Makeup Tips

Dec 26th 2014
Follow these day to night makeup tips to make the most of your evening.
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Beauty Tips for Family Pictures

Dec 11th 2014
Before taking your family photos, be sure to keep these beauty tips in mind to help create your perfect family photo. This will be a memory you can keep and reflect back on for years to come.
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Choosing the Right Hairbrush

Aug 12th 2014
Learn the differences between the different options to determine which hairbrush will be best for your length, style, and thickness of hair.