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We will be giving away scholarships for those who submit their application and enroll TODAY (October 30th 2018) online. 

Taylor Andrews has a few remaining scholarships for 2018 and will begin awarding for January 2019. 

Scholarship Amounts: Enroll for November 2018 classes and you’ll get a $1,500 Cosmetology or Barber School scholarship.

Or Enroll for January – April 2019 classes and you’ll get a $1,000 Cosmetology or Barber course scholarship.

Full Cosmetology tuition is $17,500 including equipment & lash extension training. Barbering is $12,000. 

Here’s how you accept the scholarship: 

  1. Fill out your Enrollment application below
  2. Pick one of the Cosmetology or Barber Classes to start in.
  3. Pay the $100 app fee (that’s on the applicaiton)
  4. That’s it. You will be awarded the scholarship.
  5. Don’t wait! 

Financial aid is available for those who qualify. No down payment + no monthly payments until 6 months after graduation with a 10 year repayment plan.  You can apply at From there you will CREATE A FSA ID if you’ve not previously done so. 

Taylor Andrews Orem Campus School Code is: E02200.     Taylor Andrews West Jordan School Code is: 041732.  

*Those who already have been awarded a Taylor Andrews scholarship are not eligible for a second. We will accept which ever one is the greater amount. 

**Transfer students are eligible for scholarship opportunities. If they are awarded a scholarship, a percentage of their tuition owed will be calculated as their scholarship amount.  

If you can’t view the application below please click here ⇢

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