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We’d like to award you a $2,500 scholarship towards a 2017/2018 Hair/Cosmetology course. We only have a few left for 2017 and our final Day and Night class will begin on November 6th. 
2018 Scholarships: The $2,500 scholarship is currently only valid for January, February, April or May Classes. 
*Scholarships may only be applied towards tuition and not application fees, kit costs or down payments. FAFSA is avaialbe to help pay for school. Learn how to apply here
Because of demand our scholarship awards must be accepted within 14 days and are only valid for the classes above listed. If you do not accept your scholarship we will open up the award to other applicants. 
In order to confirm your acceptance of this award, you must complete your admissions application and pay the $50 application fee as soon as possible.
Fill out the application below or Click here to fill out your Cosmetology App
*Cosmetology transfer students are eligible for scholarship opportunities. If they are awarded a scholarship, 16.6% of their tuition owed will be calculated as their scholarship amount.  
** If you do not accept your scholarship it may be awarded to another applicant.

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