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Learn How to Microblade In Utah

Taylor Andrews offers an in-depth microblading course at our Provo & West Jordan locations. We are collaborating with GlamD Microblading. Microblading is a technique performed using a hand-held tool and micro-needles grouped together allowing you to create fine incisions, and manually deposit pigment into the upper region of the skin. Our educators have a continuous passion and dedication to supplying exceptional service and education to every training. Our program has been designed by taking on the best aspects of all the education and research on providing you the best products to become highly profitable in the industry. Microblading by GLAMD is an intense and exciting 3 full days of hands on training covering history of microblading, overview of skin anatomy, face transformations, work area set up, and you get to work on 2 models with direct supervision of your educator. Please plan on bringing 2 models on the 3rd day of training.

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Day Schedule: 10am-5pm.
The course costs $2,000 and includes a professional microblading kit that has everything you need to start taking clients. We also provide information to help you get started and obtain the necessary health permit.

Bloodborne Pathogens Certification: 

Go to the link below and take the bloodborne pathogens test for the state of Utah before starting the course You cannot perform the service until you pass and have proof of your bloodborne pathogens certification.


3-Day Training Program

The microblading training program takes place over 3 days, which allows you to experience some deep learning. We begin with the important elements of the theory before diving right into the hands-on practice.

Professional Glamd Kit included with the following:
5 pigments
1 gold pen
1 black pen
3 disposable pens (9,10,12)
1 pack of velcro (5)
1 pack pigment rings(40)
1 pack preformed trays (25)
2 packs of blades (30 pack each) (1 .18, 1 .25)
2 new pre-draw pencils
1 numbing cream
1 numbing gel
1 client analysis book
1 pack of rulers (25)
1 pack aftercare cards (25)
3 practice faces
3 medical forms
1 gold lip

Day 1: Theory

10-12 theory (blood spill, licensing, sanitation)
12-1 lunch
1-2 kit and tool theory
2-3 shaping theory
3-4 hands on practice with shaping

Day 2: Hands On Practice

10-12 demo model by instructor
12-1 lunch
1-2 practice on skins, practice faces and different shapes
2-4 microblading methods shading and different strokes

Day 3: Models

10-12 staggered model #1 start time
12-1 lunch
1-3 staggered model #2 start time
3-4 class close

What You’ll Learn

As you work through this program, you will acquire important skills and learn the theory behind delivering the best results.


  • The Glamd microblading method
  • Color theory
  • Product Knowledge
  • Calculating eyebrow symmetry
  • How to draw a shape/outline
  • The safety of Microblading (Disinfection, Sterilization, Sanitation
  • Skin structure and composition
  • Understanding the skin and skin disorders
  • Hands on practice

Why Taylor Andrews Microblading Classes?

At Taylor Andrews, we care about each and every one of our students as individuals. We want you to find success in this industry, which is why these classes include information on marketing and building a business along with the microblading lessons.

In our classes, we provide the instruction and the tools you need to add this very popular procedure to your repertoire. All of our instructors and well-versed in this procedure, and they are dedicated to helping you become a skilled and reliable microblading technician.



Pay in Full

Accepted payment methods include Cash, Check, Credit Card or Bank/Credit Union loans.

PRIVATE LOANThere are some banks, credit unions and financial institutions that offer loans to help finance your education.


Unfortunately Federal student aid loans are NOT an available option for the Microblading Course.


Note: A $500 (Non-Refundable) Deposit is required to reserve a spot upon enrollment. If cancelling all payments made minus the $500 deposit will be refunded. Payments made can also be transferred to another start date. 

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