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Chicago Midwest show winners!

Mar 31st 2010
Congratulations to Taylor Andrews Instructor Dallin Flint and students Evan Stower, Josiah Anaya and Steph Simmons who all were winners in the Matrix Mannequin Mania contest at the Chicago Midwest Beauty show. Contestants had 15 minutes to style a mannequin. Dallin and Evan took first place in competitions both Saturday and Sunday and Josiah and […]
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Former students having success- Janae Mechling Johnson

Mar 26th 2010
Recently former student Janae Johnson was back at Taylor Andrews for an advanced class which gave me the opportunity to sit down and find out what she has been up to. During her time as a student at Taylor Andrews, Janae was nominated by NAHA for Student Hairstylist of the Year. Janae recently won an […]
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Mar 19th 2010
In the last two weeks we have been fortunate to have a few of the finest artistis the industry has to offer visit Taylor Andrews. Recently we had the amazing Phillip and Mary Wilson. Phillip's free form haircut techniques were mind blowing and inspirational, and Mary taught us some wonderful ways to relax and focus […]
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Former students having success- Jessica Cook

Mar 5th 2010
I had a chance to sit down recently with former student Jessica Cook, who is currently working at Ulysses Salon in Salt Lake City and was busy finishing an entry for the North American Hairstyling Awards (NAHA). During Jessica’s time at Taylor Andrews she was a finalist for NAHA Student Stylist of the Year. Taylor […]
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Mission Possible – An Incredible Career in 52 weeks (Week 52)

Mar 1st 2010
Mission  52 Enjoy The Journey One of my favorite Disney movies is the Lion King. I love its messages of family, responsibility and honor. And my favorite part is when old Rafekki bonks Simba on the head. Simba says “what was that for?” Rafekki says “It doesn’t matter it’s in the past.” Yeah, -but sometimes the past hurts.” “Sometimes it does, -but you can […]