Former students having success- Cynthia Dean

Next up in our "Former Students Having Success Series" is Cynthia Dean owner of Studio Enizio. Cynthia was an excellent student and worked very hard in school. Cynthia has a very creative eye and was always enthusiastically involved in every event. Although she gives me way to much credit, it is great to hear her words of inspiration and advice for aspiring stylists. Cynthia's hard work has really paid off, as she has one of the nicest salons in Utah and an amazingly successful on-site hair and makeup business. Congratulations to Cynthia Dean.
"I graduated about 8 years ago under the direction of Larry Curtis. I never really saw myself as a hairdresser. I had other dreams to become an Interior Decorator. My little sister actually talked me into attending beauty school with her. She promised it would be an investment on my end because it would be a guaranteed job while I studied my real passion! Well, here I am 8 years later holding strong to what is now my greatest passion and that is my career in the hair and makeup industry. There's a quote I love- it says " We must be willing to give up the life that we planned so that we can live the life that is waiting for us."

I never pictured myself where I am today, but I am so glad that I followed the road that lead me to this point. In my journey, Larry has been my biggest mentor. I have called upon him many times to teach me and help me find the paths that have got me to this point. He continues to welcome me in his schools with open arms to continue my education as a hairdresser. He is a great example of hard work and success in my life and as I have put into practice the things that he has taught me, I have found success in the business. He taught me to be smart, work hard, but mostly how to run the business which is something a lot of the schools aren't teaching their students.
There is no greater industry to be a part of! I have enjoyed every aspect of it. I have had a chance to be a part of many projects in film, television, photography, runway and behind the chair. Everyday I learn something new. Everyday is different and thats what I love about it. Being a hairdresser doesn't mean you have to work in a salon all day everyday. It can good place to start and gain experience or even remain for stability. But for me, branching out and seeing the industry for what it can be in my life is definitely very rewarding. I am undoubtably a person who needs to be kept on my toes, I love a challenge, I never turn down a job because i don't know what I'm doing. I figure it out! Your attitude and passion is what will get you to the top. And the top can be so many different things. Think of what you want to achieve without limits or boundaries. What would you do if you knew you would not fail? Understand that the road there curves and takes turns so be flexible. Don't quit until you get to your final destination and enjoy the ride along the way! But mostly, keep Larry close because he definitely opens doors for those who are ready to move in. I can't thank him enough for everything he has taught me but most of all his example and friendship. I definitely would not have gotten this far without him."

To keep up on the latest happenings at Salon Enizio,  check out Cynthia's blog.


Cynthia Dean Owner of Salon Enizio


Cynthia and some of her staff with Phillip Wilson.