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Hairstyles for Graduation


Most college graduations have already happened at this point, with high school graduations just around the corner. If you are soon graduating, or even graduating within the next year or so, you may want to think about what hairstyle you will be wearing. These trending styles work well with any major event, whether it be your graduation, a family member’s wedding, or another outing that requires you to dress up.


Things to Consider


Before choosing the hairstyle for your graduation, there are a few things to consider with your style. Look into each of these aspects beforehand to ensure you will get the most from your hairstyle:


  • First look into the attire you will be wearing. For a graduation, the ceremony will include a cap and gown, but after it is over, you will be dressed in your Sunday best. Choose a hairstyle that will compliment your dress or skirt.
  • Choose a hairstyle that best fits with your personality. Choosing the right style will help you to look and feel comfortable during the event.
  • Find out the strengths and weaknesses of your hair, and try to work with them rather than fighting against them. Curly, straight, or wavy hair each has a specific way of resting, and sometimes fighting against that will cause your hair to fall in a crazy mess. Work with the strengths of your hair for the best style.


The Styles


Once you consider what the strengths and weaknesses of your hair are, it is time to pick the style you want for your graduation or special day. Pick what best suits your style:


  • The updo, and even more than that, the messy updo is in style. This gives you some chance to get away from the uniform look while styling it to your needs. This look will usually work best on those who have at least some natural curl to their hair.
  • Rather than wearing your hair completely down or all up, consider wearing your hair half up and half down pulled back into something similar to a half ponytail. These looks can be modified to fit in with your style however you choose.
  • Some will choose to just keep their hair down. This look can work with all hairstyles and lengths. Don’t do your hair as you do every other day, but do something unique instead. If you normally wear it straight, add curls to change up your style.

There are many different styles that can be used for your graduation, or any other special event on the way. Prepare your style in the best way possible, catering to the type of hair you have. Choosing a hairstyle that does this as well as fits in with the style of your dress will be beneficial to your special event.


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