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Mission Possible - An Incredible Career in 52 weeks (Week 18)

Mission 18 The Four 3’s

 This week and whenever the occasion arises thereafter,  practice the four 3’s.  You and the rest of your team should:

 1. Say hello and goodbye 3 times

2. Compliment the client 3 times

3. Use the clients name 3 times

4. Thank the client 3 times

 If I take a photograph of a group you are with, who is the first person you’ll look for in the picture?  Yourself of course! You’ll think to yourself, look at my hair! It’s a mess and my eyes are closed. The most important person to you is yourself. If we can understand that all people feel this way and fill the need they have to be recognized and appreciated, it will open up the lines of communication and help us bond with our clients in a wonderful way.

 Tell every client they have good hair!