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Mission Possible - An Incredible Career in 52 weeks (Week 30)

Mission 30 Exceed Expectations.

What would you expect for a $15 haircut? Probably just the haircut, no frills. How about a $25 haircut?Maybe the haircut and a shampoo, without a style. Now, what would you expect for a $40+ haircut? (Please adjust based on your area.) Most likely you want a friendly staff, a complimentary drink, a thorough consultation, a great shampoo, excellent technical skills and a style. If that is what nearly everyone expects, what are you going to do to exceed your clients’ expectations? This day and every day afterward, form the habit of offering one of these non-negotiables:

Head and shoulder massage

Scalp massage before shampooing

Makeup touch-up

Hand massage

Everyone wants value, whether they are rich or poor. What’s so great about Cracker Jack? The free prize inside. So take an extra few minutes to perform one of these extra services. Clients love special attention, and they really love getting something for nothing. Make this add-on non-negotiable for enhancing the experience of the salon visit.

Are you really providing a great product or is it just a good product? Because good is boring. Good is what anyone can do. If you’re doing a good job how fast can you improve?  Tony Robbins says that for good work you get poor pay.  For great work you get good pay. If you want great pay then you must do outstanding work.