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Mission Possible - An Incredible Career in 52 weeks (Week 49)

Mission 49 Raise Your Prices

So why are so many of us still charging the same prices we charged 20 years ago? I know it can be scary to raise your prices. It was hard for me the first time. In fact my staff had to talk me into it. I was afraid that I would lose a lot of clients when I raised my prices, -that they might not think we were worth the higher price. In truth, -the opposite happened.  Not only did we lose very few clients, -but we gained many clients who now thought;  -“wow, these guys must be good” We were the same salon we had been the week before, -but now all of the sudden the perception of our talent had changed. Just by raising our prices a measly $5, every stylist had given themselves a raise of over $10,000 a year. A small price raise but a much bigger pie to split. 

The hardest thing for most of us is that we have to have a strong belief in our self to make the price raise work. We are so afraid of what the client will say. You don’t need to worry. What is the first thing a client asks after you walk them up to the register after completing their service? Usually it is: How much do I owe you? They don’t even know!   You see once a client is loyal to you, after a while they don’t even pay attention to how much you charge. They care more about the relationship they have with you and the experience you provide than they do about the price. If your clients are enjoying the experience and having fun they won’t be bothered by price increases. Have confidence in yourself and raise those prices.