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Mission Possible - An Incredible Career in 52 weeks

My friend Eric Fisher (One of the country's most successful salon owners)  and I have put together a years worth of ideas,  tips and tricks for a great career from our forthcoming book: Mission Possible - An Incredible Career in 52 weeks.  I'll share one idea per week here on my blog.  I hope these simple but effective ideas benefit you as much as they have me.

Mission 1 Take Personal Responsibility For Your Success

The first mission is this:  You have to learn to take personal responsibility. Are you ready to follow your dreams?  Because if you are,   you have to realize that everything you have in your life is the result of the decisions you have made up to this point. 

Your success is not up to your husband or wife,  -your mom or dad;  it’s not up to your boss.  Your success isn’t based upon how good or bad the economy is,   your success is up to one person and one person only -- you.  You’re in the driver’s seat.  You’re the one who determines the direction you will travel  -and how fast you’ll get there.  I’m just hoping to help you steer clear of some of the hazards.  You must take personal responsibility for your success.

You can not change the circumstances,  the seasons,  or the wind,  but you can change yourself. Jim Rohn