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Requirements to Become a Cosmetologist

Requirements of Becoming a Cosmetologist

You have always enjoyed experimenting with modern styling trends in order to make others look their best. You’re known to be a creative, upbeat people person.

Maybe one or two or even multiple people have mentioned that you should pursue a career in cosmetology.

The thought of working in your own salon has been your dream job.

Before you get too excited and think you can jump right in to being a salon owner, there are a series of steps and requirements you’ll need to get first.

Step 1: Graduate High School

The first step on your journey to a cosmetology career is a high school diploma. Beauty schools will require a high school transcript as well as any college transcript and coursework (if you’ve already graduated college or are transferring credits from another college).

Step 2: Attend an Accredited Beauty School

The second step is attendance at an accredited beauty school. The requirements vary by state, but most require a cosmetology training certificate or an associate’s degree in cosmetology as well as a certain number of hands-on experience.

The length of schooling will depend on the desired degree, the program and the school. An associate’s degree takes around two years to complete, while a training certificate can be attained in less time.

Students who wish to go into a specialty like nail technology, will be required to have a different amount of hands-on experience than a student who wants to go into hair design. Most cosmetology programs account for 1,000-1,500 hands-on experience hours and specialty programs are around 600 hours.

Step 3: Sit and Pass the State Cosmetology Licensing Examination

After getting a certificate or degree as well as satisfy the required number of hours for your specific cosmetology program from an accredited beauty school, you’ll need to take your state’s cosmetology licensing examination.

Each state has a different licensing exam and areas of emphasis. The beauty school that you attend would know your state’s cosmetology requirements and will help train and prepare you to sit for your state’s licensing examination.

Most state licensing exams will include a written portion or practical portion or include both. Most common written questions will cover state cosmetology laws, sanitation regulations, hair styling techniques, and proper chemical usage. Practical licensing exams may require students to style a mannequin a certain way or verbally respond to questions asked by exam administrators.

After passing the examination and getting your cosmetology license will you be able to practice in your state and open that salon you’ve only dreamed of.

Step 4: Renew Your License By Retaking The Licensing Exam

Most states require practicing cosmetologists to retake the licensing exam to renew their license. If you want to practice cosmetology in another state, you’ll have to take and pass that state’s licensing examination.

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We have a long history of producing successful graduates and we’d love to equip you to be successful in your cosmetology, barbering and makeup artistry.

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