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14 Skills a Cosmetologist Should Master

skills cosmetologists should master

You not only want to be a cosmetologist, but you want to be a standout cosmetologist.

A passion and a knack for beauty is all you need to master to be a cosmetologist, right? Not so fast.

While it’s true that successful cosmetologists do have a passion and talent for beauty, these alone won’t make you an amazing cosmetologist.

As you’re preparing for cosmetology school and learning more about the cosmetology field, here are some essential skills to master:



  1. Flexibility: To be a great cosmetologist one must always be on top of the constantly changing techniques and be familiar with modern technologies and equipment. Utilizing the latest technology and techniques are things that many expect of cosmetologists, especially good ones.
  2. Style Awareness: A standout cosmetologist is not only up on current trends and styles, but will also be able to discern and make decisions about what style and color will be the best for each client.
  3. Creativity: Superb cosmetologists are creative and come up with their own, unique ways to perform cosmetology procedures such as styling hair or applying makeup.
  4. Customer Service: You can’t be a great cosmetologist if you don’t like people and interacting with them in a welcoming, friendly and helpful manner.
  5. Superb Personal Hygiene Habits: People go to a cosmetologist to look their best. If you’re not looking hip, groomed, and attractive, your customers will doubt your expertise in helping them look great. Great cosmetologists come to work everyday looking their best.
  6. Knowledgeable and Compliant With Industry Standards: This may seem like a no-brainer, but sometimes the busyness of the salon can temporarily put sanitation in the back seat. Excellent cosmetologists, however, always take the time to follow the industry’s safety and health standards by always keeping their equipment clean and sanitary.
  7. Manual Dexterity: Whether you’re cutting and styling hair, applying makeup or painting toenails, cosmetology demands a lot from your hands. You must be able to regularly perform intricate maneuvers with your hands all day long, every day.
  8. Great Personality: Good cosmetologists engage with their clients and make them comfortable and welcomed.
  9. Is Proficient in Several Techniques:  An excellent cosmetologist will be comfortable using a variety of industry equipment such as scissors, files and brushes. He or she will also be experienced in multiple industry techniques.
  10. Ability to Visualize Ideas: A Rockstar cosmetologist will be able to easily visualize a style idea for each client that will meet the client’s beauty goal.
  11. Expertise in Styling:  People expect their cosmetologists to be skillful and creative, while offering styling suggestions, proficiency in using industry equipment, knowledge of current styles and the ability to achieve those styles as well as offer a variety of related services such as highlighting, braiding, texturing, conditioning, permanent waves, hair-straightening, lash extensions, facials and manicures.
  12. Awareness of Current Beauty Trends and Products: Clients will want the latest look. Good cosmetologists will read, research and attend classes to stay current and up-to-date on various fashion and beauty trends. Being knowledgeable in new skin care and makeup products and current manicure and pedicure styles and trends.
  13. Product Knowledge: Good cosmetologists will be knowledgeable about a variety of products, especially those sold in their salons. When selling products, the cosmetologist needs to be able to clearly describe the product and its use to the client, which involves thorough familiarity with each product.
  14. Physical and Mental Stamina: Cosmetologists are on their feet most of the day with few, short breaks. Most salons are open on the weekends as well as the weekdays and at night, meaning they often work long shifts. On top of the physical demands are the mental and emotional demands of clients who are impossible to please and those who open and share all that is going on in their lives.  

Being a good cosmetologist requires more than a passion for beauty. It is hard work that requires many skills to succeed.

If you feel you have what it takes to be an excellent cosmetologist, contact us at Taylor Andrews to learn about our cosmetology programs.

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    I am doing a project on Cosmetology and this is really helpful for the skills I need.

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