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Avant Garde Hairstyles by Taylor Andrews Academy

"Avant-garde hair is like couture fashion, it can be totally absurd, clever or abstract, it’s a form of art." Avant-garde hair is an experimental treatment of hair that is often quite daring and revolutionary, it can be created through using traditional techniques and adjusting them in an unusual way or devising a completely new technique. Dallin:Avant2 Dallin:Texture3 Q_Sorensen_babak3 ChadSealeAvantGarde3 Q_Sorensen_babak1 sh1 sh2 Chad#3AG2011 2010_C_Seale_Avant Garde_01 Chad_Seale1 00_X1781 2010_J_Parkin_Student_01_BABAK MeganDanner1MM-NAHA-2011-SS3 copyNick3Nick2 copyND2011#9Chad#2AG201110620601_385364474954711_5809143848318043108_nND:AlladinkeithBRYCE-1

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