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Building Your Brand After Beauty School

Even before you graduate from beauty school, it is crucial to start building your brand. This process should be a reflection of your work and your style. Take the steps to market yourself in the real world, helping to build your own success.


Create a Portfolio


Potential clients are looking for examples of your work to make their decision. To show you are well-rounded in style, take lots of pictures, showing all sides of your ability. This should include men and women styles, cuts, colors, perms, and everything in between. These photos should be posted to social media in an online portfolio. Allow your personality to become part of your work.


Use Social Media


Social media can be used for many different businesses, and the beauty industry is no different. Here is a solid platform for you to share your work while letting your friends and family know about your business. Find a balance between over sharing and keeping your friends aware of your business. You can also use your social media to offer deals and discounts to those close to you.


Create Business Cards


It doesn’t matter if you are working from your home or working at a salon, creating a business card will be helpful to you. The online social media aspect of your business is important, but don’t forget the offline as well. Carry business cards with you and keep a stack at your salon. Offer a business card or two to your clients as they leave, it’s an easy way for them to share with their friends the great experience they’ve had.


Always Continue Learning


Just because you’ve graduated from beauty school doesn’t mean you should ever stop learning. Keep up to date on the latest styles whether that is taking additional courses as they come, or doing research on the newest methods. Styles are constantly evolving, make sure you are up to date with the latest trends in fashion to deliver any style your client is looking for.

You can build your brand after beauty school by following these easy tips. By establishing your own brand, you will be able to do the styles you love most, building a clientele that suits you. Find your own success in one of the most exciting industries.

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