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Beauty School Dropout

Beauty school dropout your future doesn’t have to be so unclear. You don’t need to go back to high school to get a head start in your career. When it comes to your future, this popular Grease song couldn’t be more wrong. Those who have taken a break from cosmetology school or even left thinking they would never come back don’t necessarily need to take this route. There are many different options available to you. Don’t give up your dreams of going back to cosmetology school just because you feel as though you won’t make it, look into your options. Through a little extra planning you can go back to school.


The reasons


There are many different reasons why a person would quit hair school, whether that is having a child, finding the finances, or just frustration with yourself. No matter which of these reasons, you can come back and finish up. There are options for almost every person’s situation.


If you had finished a significant amount of hours before quitting school, you may be concerned with whether or not your hours will translate once you start back up again. Come speak with us about the options that are open for you to find out what you have to do to finish. You might be surprised just how little time the process will take.


The options


Not everyone’s schedules will ever completely line up. Because of this, there are different options out there. If you had previously quit school because of finances, there are night classes available for those who need to work during the day. This will give you the chance to build your finances, or whatever else needs to be done during the day. Because hair school is done by hours rather than weeks, you can choose the amount of time you will be there, whether it is full-time or part-time, you will decide how long you will be in school.


If you are thinking at all about coming back to cosmetology school, contact us at Taylor Andrews. We can help determine how much longer you will need to be at school, and give you the tools to succeed. At our school, we strive to give you the best education we can.
By +Cassie Costner


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