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Duchesne High School Work

Choosing the career you love is one of the most important decisions you can ever make. For some, that decision happens early on in life. They seem to know what they want to do and never waiver from that path. Others have a more difficult time deciding what they want to do for the rest of their career.

High school may be a turning point for many as they try and determine what they really want to do in their lives. Each student will be influenced by the options available, and the examples they have seen. When stylists from Taylor Andrews took the time to visit Duchesne High School, they helped these students experience the joy of their trade.

The benefits

The students got a chance to speak to and learn from the best of Taylor Andrews. Here are some of the great things that were accomplished during their lunch break:

  • Students got their hair done by professional stylists
  • The stylists spoke to the kids about why they chose to go into the hair business, and how it has impacted their lives
  • The need for creativity in this field was explored, showing students how styling hair can be a form of expression
  • This short hour may have influenced some kids life decisions

Those at Taylor Andrews took the time to help others who have a desire to follow the same career path that they did. For those who weren’t sure what they wanted to do, this could have been the very thing they needed to help them decide.

There are many different paths that can be taken when you decide to attend cosmetology school. If you are interested in any of these options, talk to the best Academy of Hair Design to solidify your dreams. With a little help, you could be well on your way to your perfect job.

By Cassie Costner