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Four Tips to Avoid Split Ends

Split ends not only look bad, but they can also be very damaging to your hair. Keep your locks healthy for longer by taking proper care of them. Follow these tips to avoid split ends before they even have the chance to occur. This will be beneficial, helping to prevent a necessary trim from turing into a much more substantial loss of hair length.


Skip the Wash



Instead of washing your hair every day, consider cutting down to just every other day. While you don’t want to walk around with greasy hair, avoiding a daily wash will help your hair to retain its natural moisture, keeping it healthier. One of the main causes of split ends comes from a lack of natural oils in the hair, stripped away by shampooing too often. By washing your hair every other day, your hair will have fewer split ends.


Be Careful When Brushing



When getting the tangles out of your hair, be cautious and cognizant of how you are brushing, and the amount of hair you are losing in the process. Start out by choosing the right type of brush. One with flexible bristles will more easily detangle the hair without causing damage. Start at the ends of your hair, slowing working your way up until it is untangled. By starting at the roots, you will only drive knots further down, creating more damage and split ends.


Ease the Towel Drying



Drying your hair with a towel if done right can be a fine way to quickly dry your hair, but too much will be damaging. Don’t scrub or rub the towel against your hair, especially along the ends. While your hair is wet, it is even more susceptible to damage that will be delivered with this tactic. Instead of this, wrap the towel around your hair and lightly squeeze, letting the fabric absorb any extra moisture.


Avoid Heat


Whether it is blow dryers, straighteners, or curling irons, heat will be damaging to your hair, the worst of these being straighteners. If you do use one of these tools, make sure to apply a heat protector beforehand. Use them as sparingly as possible, giving your hair a break by simply putting it up in a ponytail or some other simple way.

Split ends are one of the most damaging things that can happen to your hair. Before they happen, there are ways to prevent it. Take care of your hair to keep it looking healthier for longer by avoiding the habits that will create split ends. This will help you to obtain the length of hair you are looking for in record time.

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