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Greasy Hair Solutions

An unnerving number of the population has or is currently experiencing problems with greasy hair. This comes to some, even after washing their hair every day. There are a few different solutions that can be tried to reduce the oily appearance of your hair. If you’ve had this problem before, try these solutions and attempt to remove the greasy look from your hair. If this doesn’t work, don’t give up, keep experimenting with solutions until you can find one that works for you.

The Causes


Although you might not like the way it looks, the oils in your hair actually do serve an important purpose. This is a way for your hair to protect directly at the roots, preventing breaking from occurring. In addition to this, the oil in your hair will keep your scalp from being flaky and dry, which will result in dandruff. Your hair will look healthier with a little oil to keep it shining, but too much of even a good thing will be bad. Some of the leading causes of greasy hair include:

  • Heredity - sometimes you just can’t help it. Genetics may be to blame for your unwanted look.

  • Hormones - most teenagers at some time will experience embarrassingly greasy hair. Adult women may have the same problem in relation to their menstrual cycle.

  • Texture - the texture of your hair can be one of the biggest factors in determining how greasy your hair will look. Those with thin fine hair will find their hair looking oily well before those with thick coarse hair.


Look into these factors to determine what is causing your hair to appear greasy, then look for the best possible solution.


The Solution


For those who have experienced greasy hair, there are solutions out there for you. Try one of these home treatments, some of which may seem obvious:

  • Shampoo often - it is healthy to wash your hair only every other day or so, but if your hair is greasier than normal, it may be time to start shampooing every day to see if it makes a difference.

  • Rinse extensively - after using both shampoo and conditioner, make sure it is thoroughly rinsed out. The residue from this will make your hair more greasy.

  • Limit your brushing - by over brushing your hair you will bring the oils down through your hair, only adding to the greasy appearance. This is also true for excessively running your fingers through your hair.

  • Rinse your hair in tea - doing this in a diluted tea will help reduce some of the oils that are present. Make sure not to do this too often to avoid drying out your hair too much.

There are a number of solutions that can be looked to for those with greasy hair. Make sure to find the one that works best for your hair. Although some oil is necessary for healthy hair, too much can be embarrassing. Fight against this with the easiest grease control solutions.
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