Hair Tips Every Woman Should Know

There are a handful of tricks that make styling your hair faster and easier. These tips should be noted by women everywhere, and used to improve their style. Learn these simple tricks to get the most of your hair, and leave everyone wondering just how you do it.




Getting the perfect curl has become a nightmare for many girls, who give up after a brief struggle and resort once again to the ponytail. There are a couple of different tricks that make almost any style of curl possible, and make it much easier than ever before. Here are some of the most essential things to remember when trying to get that perfect curl:


  • With the most basic curl using a curling iron, start out in the middle, wrapping it down your hair a little bit at a time. This will help the curl reach as close to the roots of your hair as possible, and last longer throughout the day.
  • You may have heard of the sock bun for getting curls that require no additional heat to your hair. This can be a great option to save your hair from damage, but must be done right to prevent your hair from appearing frizzy. Follow the tutorial step by step to ensure it will look great in the morning.
  • Experiment with the way you roll your hair in the curling iron. Twisting your hair spirally before wrapping it in the curling iron can give a tighter looking curl. Find the style that you like best.


For all these curling techniques, you can use a hair dryer set to cool to help set the hair in place after to make it last even longer than before.


The ponytail


Every woman knows that some days your hair just doesn’t want to cooperate. On these days, it seems like a ponytail is the only possible option, but that doesn’t mean your ponytail can’t look good. Implement these tricks into your ponytail routine for a cute look you won’t mind using:


  • Instead of pulling all your hair into a ponytail together, layer two pony tails on top of each other, close enough that nobody will be able to tell, but far enough apart that the lower level gives you an extra portion of hair flowing down your back.
  • Giving your ponytail enough lift can be difficult. A small clip can make all the difference. Add it underneath your ponytail to lift it up higher than before.


Every woman should learn these easy tips for styling their hair. Get the most from your hairstyles. To learn the best tricks, and become a professional hairstylist contact Taylor Andrews. We can set you on the path to success.


By +Cassie Costner