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How to Make the Most of Cosmetology School

You’ve always enjoyed helping people look their best, so without a second thought, you decide to go to cosmetology school. You're excited to become a professional cosmetologist, however, the idea of going to school, taking classes and examinations sound less than thrilling. Unfortunately, some students see cosmetology school as just that, a necessary evil to get a start on their dream career.

Cosmetology school, however, offers much more than that. It can be fun, exciting and possibly life-changing. The students who make the most of their school experience walk away with invaluable knowledge and lifelong connections and memories.

How do you make your cosmetology school more than just sitting in lectures, studying and making sure to pass exams? Here are some tips to help you make the most of your cosmetology schooling and getting your career off to a great start:

Do Your Research

Not all cosmetology schools are created equal. Look for schools that are accredited as there are some out there that aren’t. Schools also vary in the number and types of programs they offer. The length of courses and school terms may also be different. Look around for cosmetology schools that can work with your schedule, are accredited, fit your budget and offer the specific program you’re interested in.


Does the cosmetology school do any kind of volunteering in the community? Even if it doesn’t offer volunteering, what you’ve learned in class to help others in the community not only builds character and makes your resume look good, but they are great opportunities for you to put what you learned in class into practice.

Be an Active Participant

Instead of being a passive observer by simply attending classes, why not get involved in school events, extracurricular educational activities and school trips? You’ll meet students and professors you may otherwise not have met, you can deepen relationships with fellow classmates, learn additional life skills, have memorable experiences, and make invaluable professional connections that may open the door to your cosmetology career.

Do Externships

While many cosmetology schools offer internships to students, students who want to gain additional experience and networking opportunities can do an externship. The shadowing of a respected professional within his or her cosmetology field can give the student even more passion for their schooling emphasis.

Listen to Your Instructors

While both students and professors often get annoyed at students who suck up to professors and try to be the “teacher’s pet,” instructors do appreciate students who pay attention, listen and follow instructions. Professors see these engaged students seriously and will be more willing to help them should they begin struggling in the class.

Treat the School's Salon as if it Were Your Own

The salon at your cosmetology school is to give you real-world, hands-on experience of working in a salon setting. Why not treat it as you’ll treat your own future salon? The development of habits of cleanliness and maintaining a sanitary, clean and organized school salon will likely carry over into a student’s professional career.

Listen to Your Clients

Even while still attending cosmetology school, you’ll get experience working with clients. These clients can be from an internship or volunteer opportunity. Like listening to your teachers, listening to clients will help you pay attention and develop your listening skills. In addition, you won’t know what client may recommend you to a professional connection and help put you on the fast-track to landing your first cosmetology job.

Find Your Niche

Most students entering cosmetology school don’t know what exactly they want to do as a career. All they know is they want to help people look good. By the time they are finished, however, they know exactly what cosmetology specialty they want to professionally pursue. It’s important to find the specific cosmetology niche that brings you energy, passion, and purpose and which matches your personality and your career aspirations.

Cosmetology school is more than just attending boring lectures, studying and taking exams. The right school will have your program and fit your schedule and budget. It will also offer numerous volunteer and externship opportunities, as well as extracurricular activities and school trips and events. Students who take advantage of all that their cosmetology school has to offer will have more fun, forge long-lasting friendships, make invaluable professional connections, gain listening skills and a passion for their cosmetology field and experience once-in-a-lifetime opportunities.

At Taylor Andrews, our accredited cosmetology school offers students a variety of trips, externships, career guidance and events so they can get plenty of hands-on experience. If you’re looking into cosmetology school, contact us to learn more about our programs and our successful track record that can jumpstart your dream job in cosmetology.

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  • Taylor Bishop says:

    I wanted to thank you for the advice for cosmetology school. I’m glad that you mentioned to see if the school does any volunteering in the community, especially since this is a good way to make your resume look good. This also seems like a great chance to try to apply what you learn in an actual event.

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