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Mission Possible - An Incredible Career in 52 weeks (Week 15)

Mission 15 The Look Book

 Today, begin organizing fashion forward photographs of top models, movie stars, and celebrities. Browse fashion friendly magazines for up-to-date images of styles, cuts, colors and up-dos.  Organize these photos and arrange them in a nicely bound book. Understand and know how to achieve these looks. During each consultation, walk your client through the Look Book to discover appropriate styles. What is an inch to your client? What do they consider to be Red hair? What do they consider to be blonde? Your Look Book will help you to determine what your client is thinking much quicker. Guide.  Show. Be a servant and a leader.

 The Look Book is an ongoing project in progress. If it is conscientiously and continuously updated, you will always have cutting-edge photographs available for your client to choose from.

 Nothing Influences a client’s hairstyle more than celebrities.