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Mission Possible - An Incredible Career in 52 weeks (Week 26)

Mission 26 VIP Cards

Get some cards printed up that say VIP and go out and look for “influentials.” A VIP card is a card that is good for a complimentary service. An influential is anybody that has the potential to influence a group of people. Influentials can work at bookstores or coffee shops, they can be cheerleaders at the local high school or waitresses at a popular restaurant, or they can be sales associates at a trendy clothing store. 

Tell them that you would love to cut and color their hair for free; all they have to do is tell people about you. It is that simple. Influentials build business. Hand out a minimum of 12 cards per month. Get started now. Be consistent. Don’t be afraid to ask for business. VIP the people who see a lot of people. Always carry VIP cards with you.