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Beauty Tips for Family Pictures

The holiday season is fast approaching. While it may seem far away now, Christmas will sneak up on you. Now is the perfect time to get your family photos taken for the year, preparing them just in time for your annual Christmas card. Before taking your family photos, be sure to keep these beauty tips in mind to help create your perfect family photo. This will be a memory you can keep and reflect back on for years to come.  

Pick the Right Outfit

     Don’t just wake up the day of pictures and head out to the photoshoot, plan beforehand the outfits for you and each of your family members. Whenever possible avoid wearing prints that are oversized and bold as these can steal the attention of the picture. Choose the colors that you know look good on you and avoid those that are less flattering. Not everyone in the family has to be dressed from head to toe in the same thing, instead you can choose a color theme and stick to it. Don’t be afraid to add a few pops of color to offset the mundane.  

Add Accessories

     It is important to wear what you feel comfortable in on picture day. This will help the photos look natural and keep you at ease. Choose the accessories that fit well with your favorite outfit. This can be earrings, a necklace, or a simple bracelet. Don’t overdo it, but adding a little something extra can be just what your family photos need.  

The Right Hairstyle

     The hairstyle you choose is one of the most important parts of your holiday card. Make sure that on the day of pictures your hair is clean, free from grease. Choose a hairstyle that you are comfortable with doing, not something experimental done for the first time. Make sure this hairstyle is flattering to you, helping you to look your best for the pictures. As many family pictures are taken outdoors, it is important to use styling products to help hold it in place. Don’t use so much that your hair appears stiff, but use enough to keep your style together.  

Makeup Tips

     While it’s true the camera does take some of the color from your face, don’t overcompensate by plastering on the makeup. You may add slightly more than what you usually wear, but too much will be noticeable in a negative way. For better makeup at your family pictures:  
  • Use long-wearing products that protect against smudging.
  • Choose face powders that reduce shine, avoiding those with a shimmery finish
  • Use lip balm before applying lipstick to keep your lips full and healthy
  Make sure your makeup remains beautiful throughout the photoshoot. Have fun with your family photos, making the memories that last. Ensure these memories are ones you will want to remember, with the right style for you.
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