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Liven Up Those Lovely Lips



Lipsticks have been the love of most recently. There’s nothing like a bright red lip to exemplify glamour. But if you’re looking to add a little more dimension to your luscious lips, try this 3D lip look.

Step 1

Prep your lips with a lip scrub to remove the dead layer of skin. This will help improve the appearance and smoothness of your lips.

Step 2

Line your lips with a nude pencil to keep your lip color from bleeding.

Step 3

Apply lipstick in the color of your choice to the entire lip area with a lip brush.

Blot off extra color with 1-ply of tissue.

Step 4

Apply a shimmery shadow using a dry brush to the very center of your lips. Stop just below the bottom lip line and the Cupid’s Bow.

Step 5

Blend the edges of the shadow with the lipstick diffusing the shimmer into the color.


There you have it, a brand new way to liven up your traditional lip look.

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