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Tame That Winter Mane

Winter is fast approaching. That means more hats on heads, drier weather, and problematic hair. Here are few tips and tricks to help manage that unruly winter hair


Use a conditioner daily. The lack of moisture in your environment can make your hair dry and brittle. Use a conditioner daily or a leave-in conditioner to make up for what your hair might be lacking. You can also apply a conditioner to dry hair, let it sit for 10 minutes and then wash it out.  This process allows your hair to soak up the conditioner instead of just soaking up water when you wash your hair in the shower.

Additionally, don’t go outside with wet hair. Cold temperatures and wet hair puts your hair at risk for breakage.

Hot Tools

Avoid using hot tools like blow driers, curling irons, or straighteners too often. This causes your hair to become dry and brittle, and in the winter your hair becomes dry enough that breakage becomes a problem.

If you must use a hot tool apply a leave in conditioner or other heat protectants before applying.


Hair Washing

Additionally, instead of washing your hair every time it gets a little oily, use a dry shampoo. This will absorb the oil masking the look of greasy hair. Overwashing your hair can be damaging as it washes away all the natural oils that keep your hair healthy. A simple and cheap solution to oily hair is to use a little baby powder. Rub a small amount in your hands and run your hands through the crown of your hair. Avoid washing your hair with water that’s too hot.

Take showers with warm or cool water instead, hot water and heat can dry out and damage your hair and skin.


Fly Aways


Staticy hair is always a problem in the winter. Keeping it well conditioned will help manage this problem. You can also use static guard sprays on your clothes and hairbrush to eliminate static that might transfer to your hair. In a pinch, you can also run a dryer sheet through your hair to tame those fly-aways.

Hopefully these tips help you manage your mane this fall and winter. We’re always glad to share our knowledge.

By Fiona Marcelino

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