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Simple Up-dos That Pack More Punch

We all have those days where we just don’t want to put an once of effort into doing our hair. Maybe it’s the cold, gloomy, winter weather or maybe we’re just that lazy. And wearing a ponytail for the 53rd day in a row is getting old. Furthermore, if your hair gets all crazy frizzy during the wintertime, pulling it up is your only choice. So, with the start of a new year, here are a few ways to upgrade that up-do.

Milkmaid Braids

One of the easiest up-dos of all time, am I right? But most of the time, if I don’t add volume of some sort to my crown, I end up looking like a five year old and that my mom did my hair. So, here’s how to pull off a fab milkmaid up-do.

  • Start by back coming the around your crown. Using hairspray, dry shampoos or other hair products that add texture can also help build a proper bump.
  • Pin the top part of your hair back like you’re doing a half up-do.
  • Split your remaining hair down the middle and finish with one braid on each side of your head. Tie each braid off with a small elastic.
  • Pull each braid over the top of your head to the opposite side of your head and pin down. IE. left braid goes up and over your head and is pinned down on the right side, and the right braid is pulled up and over your head and pinned down next to your left ear.

Braided Buns


I like this one because it’s a clean look and easy to pull off. It’s also a really great change in style if you have to wear your hair up often.

  • Braid your hair into one braid down the back of your head and tie off with an elastic.
  • Wrap your braid into bun that sits low at the nape of your neck.
  • Pin down with bobby pins to secure.

Modern Buns


This look is simple enough to execute. You still get that bun-head vibe without all the effort of trying to execute the perfect bun.

  • For volume, back comb the area around your crown.
  • Pull back your hair into a high and loose ponytail a few inches away from your head.
  • On the side of the elastic that’s closest to your head, create a space in the middle of your ponytail.
  • From underneath, pull the end of your ponytail through the space you just created.
  • Tighten your ponytail by pulling at the base of the elastic.
  • Clean up any stray hairs with hair spray or by pinning them down.

A Quick Twist


Probably the easiest of these hairstyles, and all you’ll need are bobby pins.

  • Split your hair in half
  • Twist the entire left side tightly so the twist runs all the way up to your ear.
  • Pull this left twist to the right side of your hair.
  • Start securing with pins from your left ear to about the middle of your head
  • Repeat with the right side. Twist and pull to the left side of your head.
  • Tuck in any loose ends.
  • Secure with more bobby pins

Hopefully these new ways to pull your hair up add some variety into your life. So save that ponytail for another day. After all, what’s a better way to start another year than with new hairstyles.

By Fiona Marcelino